Zachary Boyt


Reflection of a Virus  |  Zachary Boyt

This piece was created through a series of personal reflections on events relating to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is my hope that you may find this piece relatable in your own way and take a moment to reflect on how the spread of the virus has influenced your own community and that of others.

Data representing the spread of the virus throughout the world is used in various elements of sound design for this piece, shaping wavetables and manipulating variables of granular synthesis. Analysis of the resulting sounds is then used to produce a visual accompaniment.

Often, how we observe such an invisible threat is only understood from what hear, from media, from officials in authority. For many of us, it is a struggle to understand this new reality of the human experience.

About the Artist:

Zachary Boyt is a composer and multimedia artist residing in Eugene, OR. His work explores the musicality and performance of data-driven instruments and data sonification. He holds degrees in Cello Performance and Music Technology from Western Michigan University where he specialized in gesture-sensing technology applied to traditional string instruments. Currently, Zachary is pursuing a DMA in Data-Driven Instrument Performance at the University of Oregon where he builds, composes for, and performs with new digital instruments. He is also a co-artistic director and co-founder of Ensemble Kalamazoo, a new music ensemble performing works of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Recently, Zachary has co-founded Ramificaciones, a new media arts collective based in Zacatecas, Mexico.

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