Tim McLaughlin


Tired  |  Tim McLaughlin

Music teaches us an invaluable lesson: to open our ears, and listen;
to open our hearts, and feel; to open our minds, and understand.

I started off trying to write music for the Platform Festival that was going to be funky groovy awesome, but I couldn’t get myself to make it happen as ideas were falling short. I realized it was because I needed to channel emotions of what was happening all around me with the social uprising from the unresolved racial discrimination as well as being fed up with police brutality.

In this long-overdue resurgence of a civil rights movement, many of us are experiencing an emotional rollercoaster. This song is my attempt to capture those feelings with music and lyrics, and remind that it’s time to be humble, and listen to and ally with those who experience discrimination, segregation and aggression because of the color of their skin. It’s time to channel the anger, frustration, and sadness into action and willingness to learn about parts of ourselves that we’ve kept swept under the rug. Don’t let the tiredness keep us down. Be open to change.

Black lives matter.

Music and video by Tim McLaughlin
Photography by Ricardo Llamas

About the Artist:

Tim McLaughlin has been a staple on the Pacific NW music scene for almost 20 years. He has toured and recorded extensively as the band leader of Eleven Eyes, as well as many other PNW favorites including Reeble Jar, Medium Troy, MarchForth, Sara B3 and 45 RPM, John Shipe, DeSolution, Halie Loran, Malanga, and Banter Waves, King Radio, and the Flipside Funk Jam at Sessions Music Hall. This last year has inspired McLaughlin to take music back to his early musical roots and start performing solo acoustic shows.


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