In The Now Pandemic Days  |  Susan Detroy

“In The Now” by Susan Detroy is a self-reflective story about pandemic life as a bike riding artist. Sharing her daily life in pandemic times Ms. Detroy uses her video journal, solo biking, and her recent “Pandemic Art” series produced during lockdown. Set in Eugene, Oregon “In The Now” explores an isolated life layered with art, interspersed with Susan’s accumulated Oregon travels.

About the Artist:

Susan Detroy is an Oregon artist producing art using transfer printing, photography, mixed media painting and digital techniques. In her most recent works Susan employs iPhone and iPad creating still and video art. In digital format Ms. Detroy developed her expansive “Portrait of a Woman” series, her newest “Pandemic Art” and video pieces such as “In The Now.” Susan’s digital art is an unflinching look at a personal experience of female aging in the US. She exhibits and teaches in the US, UK and Russia. Susan shares her work on her active Instagram and Facebook pages. As a digital artist, Ms. Detroy is regularly featured online in collections such as the App Whisperer showcase as well as a member of the International Artist Online Collective. Locally Susan is featured in “The Work To Be Done” sponsored by Shelton McMurphy Museum and her art will be on exhibit at Fram’n Art in Eugene in October.


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