Shannon Carleen Knight


Passacaglia  |  Shannon Carleen Knight

‘Passacaglia’ is a stop-motion animated cartoon that reveals the step-by-step progression of two original paintings. Over 7000 still photographs were used, more or less in chronological order, to create the illusion of motion using a stationary set and inanimate objects. The inspiration for the two particularly unruly potato characters, ‘Seamus and Horace’ originated a few months ago when quarantine began. Shannon used the potatoes for laughs in her video chats with friends. She began to make short cartoons using them in multiple art projects. As of June, 2020, Seamus and Horace are ten weeks old, and still, not quite dead yet.

Stop-motion animation, painting and video created by Shannon Carleen Knight.
Music: “Passacaglia for Viola and Loop” Performed by Marcin Murawski, Composed by Samuel Bisson.

About the Artist:

Shannon Carleen Knight is a contemporary, American painter. Her painting styles range from whimsical to abstract, portraiture to graffiti, and always incorporate rich color, and vivid content. Shannon has been exhibiting and selling her works for over twenty years. She is a self-taught visual artist and photographer, certified welder, and she holds a Bachelor’s degree and Dance.

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