How We Cope  |  Mia Vance

‘How We Cope’ is a poem written during the days of Shelter In Place, a time that has been for so many of us, a period of intense reflection and meditation on what it means to be alive, to be human, and how to heal deeply in the face of the unfamiliar and the unknown, and in such a long-term season of isolation. The narration is performed by the poet, Mia Vance, and the time-lapse that accompanies this reading was taken during a citywide “Public Safety” curfew, when the only location from which it was possible to legally capture a sunrise was the poet’s own back porch. The music was written by the incomparable, multi-talented local composer, Cullen Vance, who has a pretty stubborn knack for bringing things together, and incidentally, for turning darkness into light. The creators hope this piece will be a small sweet thing that brings a bit of that light into the days of any who may need it.

About the Artist:

Mia Vance is Assistant Director of a local dance studio in Eugene, OR. The studio closed for business in mid-March, shortly before the governor announced the Shelter In Place order for the state of Oregon.

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