Katie Sontag


You Are Not Alone  |  Katie Sontag

Even in our physical distance, masked faces, and isolation, we are fundamentally together- linked by our humanness. “You Are Not Alone” gives voice to the longing, the joy, and the creative process that leads to my understanding of this truth. This song articulates my deep desire to keep the experience of community in a replicable form- to have whenever I need- and the impossibility of that. However, their anthem remains; to be sung inside and outside of myself. When I need it most a song will rise- to transform my loneliness, to make sense of myself, to journey from me back to us. The video also touches on the significance of remote connection in the age of Corona by incorporating footage submitted remotely and the main character viewing the video from her screen. As all of us face a new heightened level of uncertainty in our lives, I sing this song for myself and I sing it for you if you are willing to listen: you are not alone.

About the Artist:

Katie Sontag writes songs that are honest and vulnerable for her own healing and seeks to inspire the same in others. Based in Eugene, OR but hoping to tour the world, Katie’s songs will touch your heart and leave you feeling better than when you came.

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