Inga Wilson


Everyday Aviation  |  Inga R Wilson

Everyday Aviation was written in March 2020, as a response to theatres shuttering around the world, and fears of a global pandemic sinking into our consciousness. In the play, a father’s late night panic finds surprising allies. The piece was produced by the Center for Creative Arts in St. Louis, MO, 2020 and by this creative team in Eugene, OR, who’ve been invited to share the work as part of Around the Globe in 80 Plays, in, London. The play will also be produced by Metal Rabbit in London.

Written by Rachael Carnes. Directed by Inga R. Wilson
Cast of characters:
COREY Kelly Oristano; BERNICE Erica Towe; JOE Russell Dyball; ADAM Noah Oristano

About the Artist:

Inga Wilson is a professional theatre artist in Lane County who supplements her work with teaching classes at Oregon Contemporary Theatre.


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