Heather Dawn Sparks

Social Justice Artist in Residency Fundraiser

Howlin – Break Free  |  Heather Dawn Sparks

Transfiguring into a ghostly escapade, “Howlin” is an unearthly companion that escorts you to the brink of the multicolored musical cauldron! Please consider donating generously. Instead of accepting this money personally, I will be passing on all proceeds from this fundraiser to support a BIPOC (Black and Indigenous Person’s of Colour) Artist in Residency with a focus on Social Justice in our community.

Video by Heather Dawn Sparks
Music by High-Step Society

About the Artist:

Heather Dawn Sparks. Photo by Delene & Co.

Heather Sparks engages collective action and inspired participation through immersive sculptural and performative works. Her dreamscape environments vividly bring to life forms from nature and the sublime absurdity of play.

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