Whitaeker Mural Project  |  Erika Wolf

I recently moved back to Eugene from Portland on February 1, just before COVID hit!
I moved into a little house near a very dismal, depressing alley in Whiteaker and I thought, “Why doesn’t anyone plant flowers or paint the fence to brighten it up a little?”
Then I heard about the Platform 2020 festival, submitted an application to paint a mural along the fence while making a time-lapse video of the process, enlisted a few friends to help, and the rest is history!

Credits: Erika Wolf & Community artists (Debrae Firehawk, Mary-Minn Sirag, Midden Meadowsweet), & all the passers-by who cheered us on!

About the Artist:

Erika is a multi-media artist who works intuitively with nature themes, building layers of texture, paint, and printmaking on wood.

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