Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen


Temptation  |  Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen

This is a project that I thought I had planned, but did not expect what was to come.

I had plans to do a different song, and I rode up to this spot and listened to some music on shuffle to warm up. Then this song played, and I knew I needed to release in the way I know best.

This freestyle is unique to other freestyles I have done in the past videos I’ve released, this one truly captures moments of raw emotion and true pain, accompanied with grace, strength, and unity, where energetic and robotic collide with patience and fluidity.

About the Artist:

Retro is a dancer that strives to share the freedom within dance, along with the storytelling and emotional aspect of dance as well. When teaching his youth and adult students, he offers ideas and concepts through movement and ways of imagination to spark the dance within you. His style is free in the way you feel best moving in the moment while telling a story, and animated in the way it looks when being expressed. Hence his style, Freestyle animation dancing.

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