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Lane County (Oregon)

The Platform Festival is an endeavor meant to provide artists a space to share their work and, with your support, to earn a living wage during a time when most artistic opportunities have been canceled due to COVID-19. We believe in the necessity of art, especially during this time. Thank you for being here.

Starting June 20, 2020, this site will begin to feature sixteen different artists from Lane County, Oregon (Eugene, Springfield, Veneta and other towns), and to showcase their commissioned work in digital format. The works will remain up once posted. Each artist/work has their own page with specific ways that you can support them (Venmo, Paypal). We have a suggested donation of $5/visit - think of it like paying entry to a concert, museum, or gallery exhibition! 100% of the donations contributed go to the artists. If you'd like to make a general, tax-deductible donation during the festival to curators Integrated Arts (DBA Harmonic Laboratory), we will equally distribute your donation among all the artists.

The 2020 Platform Festival theme is Remote Connection. In times of social isolation, perpetual distancing, and a cloud of global uncertainty, humans are still exhibiting the tenacity and resolve to stay connected to one another. Tools are being used in new ways, small gestures are given and received in unprecedented ways. Many are learning that staying connected through any means possible, is the healthiest thing that they can do.

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